The history of India,written by the British historian,did not reflect,all the facts, that took place in India.They did not record about Jainism and Buddhism,which were popular in India,before the arrival of Britishers.The reason for that was,Saivites and Vaishnavites hated ,both Jainism and Buddhism,since those two religions,did not propagate worship of god.Buddha’s preaching against blind beliefs of common people as well as animal sacrifices,in the name of yaagaas,were disliked by aaryans.Indian Historians,to re-write Indian History,with all facts,and remove all untruths and fictions,with which it is filled up,at the moment.

India did not have a geographical map,till the arrival of Britishers here_.It is they,who consolidated the land,and called our country,as India.But,Britishers,also did not rule,entire India.They ruled,only four regions of India.They first captured and ruled Kolkata region.Then they captured and ruled both Mumbai and Chennai regions.The fourth and the last region,which they captured and ruled was Delhi region.They called each region,as a Presidency,for which they appointed a British Governor.Those Governors,reported to the Viceroy,whose office, was at Kolkata in the beginning and later shifted to Delhi.
The rest of India was ruled by 500 and odd Hindu and Moghalai kings.Britishers wanted to know,the history of India,so that,they can establish themselves,properly in our country.They engaged a British historian,to write the history of India.That historian,took the help of revenue officials,to write the history.But the information given by those officials,was in bits and pieces.They knew Sanskrit language,better than common people’s language,which was Praakritham.

Buddhism,was followed in India,for almost 1100 years,till Sivites and Vaishnavites,uprooted the same.They demolished the monasteries of Buddhists.Many monasteries were converted into Hindu temples,later on.It is now,upto
As per scientists,homo sapiens,started walking with two legs,about fifty thousand years ago.That means,before,fifty thousand years,homo sapiens,predecessors of human beings,should have walked,with four legs.
Only,ten thousand years ago,humanity learnt to produce fire.Since,then only,they started eating cooked food.
As per puraanaas,the world had passed through,three yugaas,already.They are namely,Kritha,Dwaapara and Thretha yugaas.Each yugaa was made up of lakhs of years,as per our puraanaas.The duration of Thretha yugaa alone was,thirteen lakh years.
As per scientist,homo sapiens,started walking with two legs,only fifty thousand years ago.Then,it is upto the scientists,to establish the shape of Homo sapiens,during the three yugaas,which the world had passed through.People,believed for 1500 years,whatever the Italian scientist,Ptolemy told,about earth and sun.As per him,the earth is stationary and the sun,goes around earth.
It was Copernicus,the scientist from Poland,who established the fact,that sun is stationary,and the planets,including earth,go round sun,in an elliptical path,which is called as Solar system.People changed their opinion,in this matter,subsequently,as per the new findings.So,history has to be corroborated with facts and evidences.At the moment,Indian history,is filled with more fictions than facts,which needs correction.Please think.