Hussein Saagar Lake is breathing easy-Daamodhar JN


Telengaana State Pollution Control Board (TSPCB) came out with a report,on the quality of water,in Hussein Saagar lake at Hyderabad,after immersion of Vinaayaka idols this year.As per their report,only 8903 idols a were immersed,this year,due to COVID-19 regulations,compared to 1.2 lakh idols immersed last year.The oxygen levels,in the lake,is conducive this year,for aquatic life.This lake is used for recreational purpose.
This year,the lake has remained,near normal,as told by Mrs.J.Sumathi,scientist of TSPCB.She said,the Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) and Bio-Chemical Oxygen Demand (BOD),have shown a decreasing trend.Dissolved Oxygen (DO) levels also have improved,at all six locations,from where samples have been collected.‘’We consider a lake polluted,if standards of COD,BOD and DO are stagnant.But,if there is fluctuation,in these quantities,it is an evident sign,that some form of reaction is taking place,in the water.”the scientist said.
As per the report prepared by the board,there has been no significant change in heavy metals,within the lake,before and after immersion of idols.‘’Due to outbreak of COVID-19,the Ganesh festival,this year was celebrated,with regulations and restrictions.Moderate to heavy rainfall was recorded,throughout the state which resulted in dilution of water bodies,through in flows of storm water.”the report said.Drawing comparison with water quality last year,the report went on to say that levels of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) have decreased compared to last year.From the above report,prepared by TSPCB,it is very clear,that a pandemic like Corona,has taught some lessons,to people of Hyderabad,to realise their mistakes,regarding environment
.After all Hussein Saagar,is a lake, made artificially,along with Charminar,400 years ago,by the Muslim king who ruled this area at that time.Like we preserve Charminar,we have to preserve Hussein Saagar lake also,as a Heritage lake.Since,Hyderabad,does not have a beach,this lake has to be maintained well.It is the responsibility of every citizen,who lives in this city.I was thinking that,I am the only person,who did not buy Vinaayaka idol,this year,for the festival.I casually mentioned this to my sister,as well as cousin who live at Chennai.My sister said,she has not been Vinaayaka idols,during the last four years.My cousin said,she did not buy the idols,during the last ten years.On account of not buying the idols,nothing has happened to both of them.That means,this unwanted practice,of filling lakes,with idols,is dying a natural death.Awareness is increasing amongst people.They would no longer,listen to selfish people,who would like people,to do things blindly,without thinking.