Health is happiness.Yes.Without health,there is no happiness.For happiness,both mind and body have to be healthy.When we live,without the consciousness of body,it is health.This is how,all species in the world live,except human beings.This state will assure permanent happiness.People go in search of happiness,every where.They have not realised the fact,that this can not be found externally.
We think that,we can buy happiness,with money.But,that is like bubbles in water. We get mislead by momentary pleasure.We die like,insects caught  in the oil sheet kept,near a lamp.We continue to die like that only.There is a proverb,which is as follows”Good and bad,do not come to us,by actions of others.”That means,good and bad are our own creations.We have not realised the truth, in this proverb.We have learnt this superficially.Hence,we have neglected.

Our body should be filled with life energy.This is needed for the effective fuctioning of both internal as well as external parts.For complete health,the cleanliness of both body as well as mind are needed.For cleanliness of body,our intestines have to be clean.For cleanliness of mind,our thoughts have to be clean.Without the above two,we can not get,complete health.One is dependent on the other.
The life energy,which is present in our body,helps the functioning of both  body as well as mind.By this continuous functioning,life energy is expended.We have to try and reduce the expenditure of this life energy.We have to be frugal in this expenditure.Our life energy is very careful in maintaining our body clean.Foreign matters,unwanted for the body ,are evacuated every now and then.Our life energy has the capacity to prevent, foreign matters which spoils our health.

In the creation of nature,we have been filled with happiness.We have not realised this fact.We do not enjoy that happiness.Thiruvalluvar,a Thamil Poet,born two thousand years ago,wrote as follows
“When there are good things available,why talk bad.That is comparable to eating,raw fruits,when ripe ones are available”We are aware of this fact.We might have read this,many times.But we have not realised that.Even though,we might have realised to some extent,we have neglected the same.The other side of neglect is carelessness.The combination of both is indifference.Yes,we have become indifferent to our happy life.
For unhealthy life,body does not co-operate.For non co-operation of body,the sickness of internal organs are responsible.The reason for non co-operation of internal organs is that,they have not been supplied with the required nutrition.Lack of nutrition, is due to non availability of life energy filled food.The reason for this is lack of right knowledge.Whenever our body is affected with an illness,our mind gets affected.Mind is nothing but,bunch of thoughts.Mind always depends on our body only.Hence,whenever our body is not healthy,mind also will not be healthy.
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